Opening of new
CityFit fitness club

at Sadyba Best Mall!

Open days: 22.02-1.03.2019

Opening of new
CityFit fitness club

at Sadyba Best Mall!

Open days: 22.02-1.03.2019


Standard pass


Joining fee 29,95

price valid until the opening date


  • No long-term contracts
  • Pass freezing available
  • Open 24/7
  • Fitness classes included in price
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Standard pass


Joining fee 59,95

Regular price


  • No long-term contracts
  • Pass freezing available
  • Open 24/7
  • Fitness classes included in price

OPEN 24/7

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Group classes included in membership

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Fitness club
Sadyba Best Mall

CityFit Warszawa Sadyba is a new fitness club located at Sadyba Best Mall, 31 Powsińska St.

CityFit Warszawa Sadyba offers 1600 sqm of modern training space, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and equipped with the highest quality training equipment (TechnoGym, Matrix, Escape Fitness). The interior of the club has been divided into comfortable training zones, including Cardio Zone, Functional Training Zone, Resistance Machines Zone, Free Weight Zone, Fitness Zone and Relaxation Zone, where you can relax after training. Club members can also take advantage of group activities at the price of the pass and numerous amenities such as fountains with free filtered water or vending machines with drinks and healthy snacks. All this to make training a pleasure. Equally important are the transparent rules of use of the club: fixed price of the pass for the whole time of attendance, no need to sign long-term contracts and the possibility of suspending membership (e.g. during holidays). CityFit is also distinguished by the competitive price of the pass. The offer of the club can also be used by holders of sports packages OK System. You can train from the age of 16.

Did you know that Sadyba is the 6th CityFit club in Warsaw?

Exercise in Warsaw and get access to:






Hours of fitness
included in price

12 050 sq m


Join thousands of satisfied members!

Cooldown zone

Cardio zone

Resistance machines zone

Fitness room

Free weight zone

Functional training zone

Crossfit zone

Relax zone

Ladies locker-room

Mens locker-room

Dedicated to people who start or finish their workout. It contains appropriate equipment and its atmosphere supports preparing your body for workout. It's also an ideal space for post-training body extension and relaxation. This zone is equipped with mats, gymnastics balls, expanders and training rubbers, a gate with lifts and light loads.
The zone contains a dozen different cardio devices in a number that guarantees free access to the equipment: from classic steppers to modern multi-faceted elliptical machines.
The zone is equipped with a full range of resistance machines with a stack dedicated to both advanced users and beginners. The equipment provides excellent movement ergonomics and precise selection of loads. You can conduct here strengthening and shaping workouts.
A perfectly air-conditioned surface for fitness training. Equipped with equipment for strength training and body&mind. In the fitness rooms there are classical classes with an instructor, such as: zumba, pump, TBC or pilates. Both the fitness room and the entire club are equipped with professional Bose equipment, ensuring the highest sound quality.
Dedicated to strength training, perfected equipped both in terms of quality and volume of weights (i.e. two dumbbell sets up to 52 kgs). There are also devices such as half-racks, a weighbridge, a set of semi-free machines for professional athletic training, Olympic benches, a multi-station gate and overhead cranes.
A zone with an open surface for training with the weight of your own body. Equipped with equipment necessary to improve motor skills of the body and stabilization, i.e.: TRX, Kinesis, Escape Fitness functional equipment.
A place dedicated to people who care about strength training as well as those who conduct endurance training in the first place. It allows everyone, regardless of their level of advancement, to perform multi-joint exercises such as squats, push-ups in various variants and pull-ups on the stick. The main advantage is the space and accessories that are used during training to improve the fitness of the cardiovascular system and to shape the figure.


training zones


sq meters of
training area



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See what our members say about CityFit

Are you still not sure wether to join CityFit or not? See opinions of people who exercise at CityFit every day!







CityFit Katowice

I like to come to CityFit, because there are nice people here, nice service that allowed me to train freestyle.


CityFit Lublin

I especially like that CityFit is open 24/7. Every time I come here, I meet nice girls.


CityFit Warszawa
Rondo ONZ

I value CityFit for high quality equipment and its diversity. New machines are constantly appearing on which I can diversify my workouts.

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